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Eleventh Edition Rules

September 22, 2006

The UPA Standing Rules Committee has recently been working on the eleventh edition of the Rules of Ultimate. The new edition is mostly rule clarifications at the moment, but there have been some major changes to certain rules.

Currently, the eleventh edition is still in draft form, but the SRC is now allowing players to voice their opinion.

A rules discussion group has been started at google groups to allow players a chance to review the new rules and add suggestions.

The revisions can be seen here.

*Editor’s Note* A great deal of thanks goes out to the SRC and the work that they have done.


New College Season Preparations

September 4, 2006

The Ozark Ultimate blogsite is in the process of preparing for the next college season.

Along with cosmetic changes, the website will showcase new video and audio features. The blogsite is also planning to add more ultimate coverage from around the South College Region, greatly improve upon the preseason media guide, and add a preseason all-section award.

Like all of the ultimate websites we are currently looking for help. If anyone wants to write news articles, take pictures, or record video there is an opportunity for them. The positions are all volunteer, but the experience and team exposure are some compensation.

If anyone is interested in becoming a reporter please contact the webmaster at will at

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks.