Arkansas Beats Kansas

Arkansas Ludicrous Speed shook off several bad games yesterday to beat the Kansas Horrorzontals 16-14. Arkansas and Kansas traded points for the majority of two halves in a highly contested game. With the score 11-10 in Arkansas’ favor, Ludicrous Speed went on a 3-1 run to take the game to 14-11. With their backs against the wall, Kansas capitalized on several errant hucks by Arkansas to quickly close the game and tie it fourteen all. Arkansas scored the next point by working it down the field amidst a tough-as-nails Horrorzontal defense.

With the score 15-14 the two teams fought back and forth with each side forcing multiple turns. In the end, Arkansas’ Abe Coffin got off a huck off to a double covered Joe Bell, who somehow managed to secure the disc for a win.

The Arkansas bench erupted in jubilation. “It is a real big deal for us to beat Kansas,” said Ludicrous Speed captain Matt Jackson. “It was a great close game. I am exhausted.”

The win advances Arkansas to the semifinals of the Free State Classic where, in a rematch of last week, they face Kansas State.

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2 Comments on “Arkansas Beats Kansas”

  1. Joe Delnero Says:

    That is sick! Joe Bell- You be the Best in the world.

  2. […] While the team returns everyone from last year, those players are still inexperienced and run on excitement and adrenaline.  This weekend they were able to keep themselves going, but that won’t work […]

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