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Missouri vs. LSU

March 31, 2011
Missouri gets a touchdown despite LSU defense.

Don’t Try This at Home

March 30, 2011

Mike Rice is a professional handler on a closed field. Yes, that is a high-release push pass.

Kansas St. vs. Kansas Corner Score

March 28, 2011

Kansas comes up with a nice corner grab in the endzone against Kansas State.

Ozark Conference Playoffs Date Set

March 26, 2011

The Division I Ozark Conference Playoffs will be held in conjunction with the Division III Southcentral Regionals in Tulsa, OK on April 16-17.

Abe Coffin Shows Off

March 25, 2011

Arkansas’ Abe Coffin gets a D and the assist against Texas.

Centex Summary Part B – Non Ozark Teams

March 25, 2011

Non Conference Teams

British Columbia – The Thunderbirds waltzed through their pool on Saturday, except for a little struggle from the Kansas teams. On Sunday, they took care of California Long Beach, but had to come from behind against Texas.

They then faced Colorado College and held with them during the first half but got outscored in the second half 6-3. The Thunderbirds would not admit it, but it looks like their short bench finally took a toll. Despite the loss, UBC is a solid team and is blessed with very good players. John Norris is an excellent handle and Matt Berezan was a defensive beast getting many d’s on many teams.

Colorado College – Wasabi is a well-oiled machine. It is fun to watch their sound fundamentals. Not only are they good at getting open on cuts, but almost all of their players are able to trade places easily.

Beyond the fundamentals, Colorado College is not much fun to watch. They do not make many layouts or skys or anything else exciting. But what seems like a big shortcoming is actually one of Wasabi’s biggest strengths. Wasabi does not need to make amazing plays because they are that sound. A layout or sky means a throw was off, or there was another execution error somewhere in the play. These guys do not make many errors on offense or on defense, and expertly use other teams’ mistakes.

Leading Colorado College is captain Nicky Spiva. Spiva is an all-around player who has hucks, causes the other team to make errors, and slips deep from time to time to score. He is a legitimate Callahan contender, who might not get the votes to win, but is a large factor in Colorado College’s success.

Texas – Coach Calvin Lin is one of the best strategists in the game. He is indirectly responsible for a couple of TUFF’s points every game. But even he can’t play the game for his players. Texas may have lost only to UBC, but both Dartmouth and Kansas State gave them games. At times the feeling was that the Texas players relaxed when they had the lead, and as a result made some interesting decisions. TUFF was able to recover from most of their errors via their tenacity, but will they have that option against top teams in the series?

A tip of the hat to Will Driscoll who played superbly at Centex.

Texas A&M – Dozen did a lot better at Centex than at President’s Day. They used a mix of zone and man to great effectiveness. Dozen did well against out of region teams but fell to Texas and Colorado College. A remedy has to be in store if Texas A&M wants to make a splash at South Central Regionals.

Washington – The Sundodgers brought seventeen players, but by the end of the tournament they were down to just a dozen due to injury. All of those players should be back by the series, but it definitely hurt their chances at Centex.

Besides the injuries, Washington hobbled their own cause by not putting teams away on Saturday. Oklahoma, Northwestern and California Sate – Long Beach all lost by two points. Those extra repetitions did not help Washington on Sunday against Kansas State and Texas A&M, who are both athletically-minded teams.

Washington will probably not lose their strength bid from their showing at Centex, but it certainly did not help.

Dank Toes It In

March 24, 2011

Kansas State’s Dank catches a huck for a TD; the observer rules him in.