South Central Regional Quarterfinals

Texas State vs. Colorado

Texas State Bucket was skunked by Colorado Mamabird, 8-0 at half and 15-0 for the final score. Texas State showed up to the fields five minutes before the game was supposed to start and, in an apparent strategic move, decided to save their energy for the third place bracket by purposefully losing the game. Bucket made sure everyone knew this was their strategy by trying to throw Callahans to Mamabird, getting in circles to sky each other, and pulling the disc out of bounds five yards from the end zone.

North Texas vs. Colorado College

Colorado College Wasabi took care of North Texas 8-1 at half and 15-3 final. Nick Spiva and Ezra Siegel took turns completing hucks for scores to Wasabi’s receiving corps.

Oklahoma vs. Washington University

In a slight surprise, Oklahoma’s Apes of Wrath defeated the Washington University ContraBears 8-3 at half, with a final of 15-6. ContraBears standout Evan Winograd did not play and went to the ER from an internal injury suffered during the Colorado College game on Saturday. Joe MacDonald played in a very limited role due to his hamstring injury and Doug Richardson rolled his ankle during the game. Even with all of the injuries to Contra, Oklahoma came out strong in the beginning of the game, and despite a valiant effort from Wash U’s bench Contra could not overcome the Apes.

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3 Comments on “South Central Regional Quarterfinals”

  1. Falkor Says:

    Its really nice having someone reporting on the ozarks as consistently as you guys do. Thank you so much. How difficult would it be to get full games up put up? I’d love to see some of the games from SC regionals posted.


  2. auxarc Says:

    Currently, the plan is to put full games up after the season is over. The South Central Regional Final could go up tomorrow, but our policy has always been that we would not show full length games, unless both teams gave us permission, until the season is over.

    Right now, with the parity in college ultimate, it would be unfair for one team to get a chance to have a video preview of their opponent and another team not. Perhaps, in the future, as teams from all over the country have their video up or agree to video exchanges, OzarkUltimate can put up full games during the season.

  3. […] Ozark Ultimate has some South Central Quarterfinal game summaries. […]

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