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Arkansas Wins Harvest Moon Over Harding

November 7, 2011

In a game marked by an ever changing wind and many turnovers Arkansas Ludicrous Speed defeated Harding Apocalypse to win the 21st Annual Harvest Moon Ultimate Classic.

Harding scored the first two points of the game, but several unforced errors by Apocalypse allowed Ludicrous Speed to score three in a row to take the lead. The two teams traded points until just before halftime when Arkansas was able to score two quickly and take half, 7-5.

“There were many turnovers by both teams,” said Arkansas captain Matt Jackson. “We just made fewer of them.”

“Arkansas is a very talented, athletic, and quick team. Their tough defense forced us to make too many long throws,” Harding’s senior captain Ryan Rummage added.

After halftime, Arkansas utilized their deeper bench to wear out Harding and pulled away in the second half, 6-3.

“We won that game with our legs,” Jackson said.

Despite losing the game Rummage was still upbeat about how his team performed during the weekend.

“For us to make the finals is a great accomplishment. We played great all tournament long. But in the final, we lost to a team that is more talented and more athletic than us–all the credit goes to Arkansas.” Rummage said.

The championship win by Arkansas is their first ever at Harvest Moon, which is the team’s home tournament.

Arkansas Wins on Ultimate Point. Beats Missouri.

November 6, 2011

Early on the score between the Arkansas Ludicrous Speed and the Missouri MUtants was not indicative of the closeness of the game. But that all changed in the second half, and despite a five point early game lead in Arkansas’ favor, Missouri was able to close the gap only to lose in a capped game on ultimate point, 10-9.

The first quarter of the game was dominated by questionable throws, layouts, wind gusts, and Missouri getting impatient turnovers after working the disc down field. All those factors combined meant Arkansas found its self ahead, 5-0.

The second quarter of the game was a bit cleaner as Missouri started to find their groove but still found themselves behind 7-4.

“We have been notorious for our slow starts,” lamented Missouri captain Matt Francis. “We did it against SLU yesterday and we did it against Arkansas today.”

The second half was a very different game as the MUtants started to win the jump discs and Ludicrous started to make the impatient throwaways.

“Underclassmen and upperclassmen made some questionable decisions late in the game and as a team we made some bad hucks and silly drops,” said Matt Jackson, Arkansas’ senior captain.

With Missouri rallying the hard cap was blown and the two teams were knotted at nine all. On the ensuing point Arkansas’ Abe Coffin hucked the disc to a wide open Dominik Fischer who completed a one foot pass for the win.

“We came out flat in the beginning of the game. In the second half we switched some things up and we started to get back into the game. We didn’t give up, we battled back, we ended up at universe point, and we lost,” Francis said.

With the win Arkansas moves on to the finals to face Harding for the Harvest Moon championship

Harding Thumps Washington in Harvest Moon Semifinal

November 6, 2011

Harding Apocalypse jumped out of the gates quickly against Washington University to take half 7-1 and coasted in the second half to beat the Contrabears 13-3.

“[Harding] got a break off initially and kept going right through the half,” said Washington captain Jacob Zax.

In addition to the quick start, the disparity in terms of team size may have also helped Harding.

“We have twenty six guys and being able to have an O-line, D-line, and keep up the sideline intensity worked out well for us,” said Harding’s captain Ryan Rummage.

“They had a big crew, a ton of intensity, and ran with it right until the end of the game,” added Zax.

The win moves Harding into their first ever final at Harvest Moon where they will face the winner of Missouri vs. Arkansas.


Bucket Wins Mixed South Regional

October 13, 2011

The old axiom is that defense wins championships, and that was never more true as Bucket rode their defense to a 15-7 South Regional Championship over Jacks on Jill.

The game started with a quick 3-0 run for Bucket as Atlanta’s defense forced six quick turnovers from Jacks on Jill.

“We came out really fired up,” said Bucket captain Chris Goodson. “We have a really great defense and we were really rolling in the first half.”

The 3-0 lead became an 8-3 lead at half as Bucket forced another turnover late in the half and Jacksonville gave up nine more unforced turnovers.

In the second half Jacks on Jill turned on their defense by squeezing four forced turnovers from Bucket. That allowed the Jacks to go on a 3-0 run of their own and bring the score to 9-6. However, Bucket’s offensive line finally woke up and scored. With that, Atlanta’s defensive line got back on the field, and restricted Jacks on Jill to just one more point in the second half.

“Our O line got a little cold from sitting on the sideline so much in the first half. We struggled a little in the beginning of the second [half], but we pulled it together and won it on defense,” Goodson said.

The win secures a spot for Bucket at USAU Mixed Club Nationals.

Chain Lightning Defeats Doublewide for South Region Championship

October 9, 2011

In a game that featured hucks, layouts, and skys, Chain Lightning defeated Doublewide 15-11, in North Little Rock, to take home the USAU South Region Open Championship.

Doublewide broke out of the gates to start the game, and quickly worked the disc down the field. Chain Lightning then had an uncharacteristic error with a dropped first pass and Doublewide made them pay to take a 2-0 lead. Unfazed, Chain worked their next possession down the field and scored to make it 2-1. Doublewide would put the disc across the line for the next point to make it 3-1, but then gave up three in a row to let Chain take a 4-3 lead. The two teams would trade points from there until half with Chain barely ahead, 8-7.

After half, Atlanta scored the next two and opened up a three point lead on Austin, 10-7. Doublewide ramped up their intensity at this point, and went on a 4-2 run to pull within one at 12-11 in Chain’s favor.

With momentum shifting Doublewide looked to tie the game. However, Chain marched down the field to make it 13-11, and then used two unforced turnovers by Doublewide to close out the game at 15-11.

After the game the Doublewide players were obviously disappointed with  the outcome of the game but were already preparing for Nationals with the bid they had received earlier in the day by winning the semifinal game against Uproar. “It was a good back and forth game. Chain just came out on top,” said Doublewide player Ryan Bigley. “A few things could have gone our way, especially around 11-12. We just have to keep grinding and get ready. We have all the pieces in place and we have to make sure they are working for Nationals.”

With the win Chain extends their win streak to twelve consecutive games.

Doublewide Keeps on Trucking

October 8, 2011

Doublewide defeated a scrappy Tanasi, 15-9, to secure the number one seed going into Sunday’s elimination bracket.

The first quarter was extremely close with both teams trading points to 5-4 in favor of Doublewide. Doublewide then threw several different zone looks at Tanasi and they quickly conceded the next three points to half. After the break the two teams traded points again, and even though Tanasi was able to get some points back, they ended up giving two more breaks to Doublewide to finish the game out.

“Tanasi is a good team. They bring intensity, they have some good throwers and athletic guys. They took it to us early and we were really scraping,” said Doublewide captain Kurt Gibson. “We had to fight for everything.”

“We played stronger against [Doublewide] than we have in previous years,” said Jake Wright, one of Tanasi’s captains. “Ultimately, they pulled ahead when they threw a zone on us that we just couldn’t get around.”

With the victory Doublewide earns the number one seed for Sunday’s elimation bracket.

“We have three games tomorrow, hopefully, and we have to build on each game. Our goal is to go 3-0 tomorrow,” Gibson said.

Chain Lightning Thunders On

October 8, 2011

Atlanta’s Chain Lightning easily handled a tired and worn out Iron Men team, 15-2, in South Region crossover play on Saturday.

“It was the last game of the day and we were fired up for the game,” said Chain captain Dylan Tunnel.

The game quickly got out of hand for the boys from Birmingham, as Chain took half, 8-1.

“We had a few guys go down in the previous game against Plex,” explained Iron Men captain Will Newton. “And then on the field we decided that it would be easier to huck it instead of working it under — taking the easy road out. It didn’t go quite as well as we hoped.”

The second half was much the same as the first, with Iron Men forcing hucks into an ever changing wind.

“I have seen better games out of [Iron Men] but we played really well,” Tunnel said.

Despite the loss the Iron Men are still hopeful in their chances for Nationals.

“The three through seven seeds at [South Regionals] are all very even, so there is going to be a lot of competition for that third bid. It should be interesting tomorrow,” Newton said.