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8 Days Til Christmas: Oklahoma Highlight Video

December 17, 2011

One more video highlight, this time from the Oklahoma Apes of Wrath.


9 Days Til Christmas: Kansas State Highlight Video

December 16, 2011

The footage here is also part of the 2011 Ozark Ultimate Video Library and is edited by Kansas State.

10 Days Til Christmas: Arkansas Highligh Video

December 15, 2011

Ozark Ultimate filmed over 60 games during the 2011 season. The footage from this video is just a small portion of that and was edited by Ludicrous Speed*.

*Warning: the sound track has language that might be offensive to some viewers.*


Missouri vs. St. Louis – Full Game

November 10, 2011

Below is a very rough cut of Missouri vs. St. Louis at Harvest Moon. This is a full game. If there is more interest and teams are agreeable I can upload more videos like this.

Missouri Layout at Harvest

November 9, 2011

Missouri lays out to get the D against Arkansas and converts the possession for a score.

Hendrix Greatest

November 7, 2011

Hendrix pulls off a greatest at Harvest Moon. Unfortunately, it was called back.

Open Final – Part 9

October 27, 2011

The exciting conclusion.